Running Stronger and Longer – 5 Quick Tips

Meeting Seb Chaigneau… HERO!!


So, you have signed yourself up for your big event and are now starting to rack up the miles. Being able to go further isn’t always about pushing the miles though. It’s about conditioning your body and building your strengths to stave off injury and get your body to race day feeling fresh and confident. Here are five simple steps you can do to build up your legs’ strength, mobility, and recovery so you can carry yourself further on your runs.

Mobility is king

An area that I certainly overlooked for too long. Mobility work keeps you loose, staves of injury, and can help build power where it’s needed. The team at Run4it (Scottish running specialist) have come up with a great way to get some conditioning in during your working day. On the hour every hour we do a simple mobility exercise. Alternatively, you can spend 15-20 minutes following a runners mobility tutorial such as THIS

and LUNGE!


 Easy peasy pace

Well.. I’m not changing…


Going super slow and steady on recovery runs can be just as important as those all-out efforts. It keeps your legs ticking over, stopping your legs from stiffening up and lets you build a great endurance base. Your easy pace should be slow enough that you can hold a full conversation with ease. These runs are best covered the days after a hard training session. For example a long run with some fast sections on a Saturday (20 miles) and then an easy 10km on Sunday. These can also be used the same day as hard speed sessions. For example, if you have a hard hill rep session in the morning you can follow that up with a gentle run in the evening.

They see me Rolliiinnn!

Looking down so you can’t see the pained expression


The magic of the smash and floss! Two words that I bet you never thought could be applied to your muscles and recovery. I’m not gonna lie… it’s not comfortable but the more you get used to doing it, the more the pain ebbs and you will quickly see benefits. Think of these sessions as your running MOT. It will highlight tight spots, and give your body a quick once over. Add this to your nightly mobility work and concentrate on different areas each night. This will keep you tip top!

Footwear! yes, it’s important!

Gear Test!


A quarter of the bones in your entire body are in your feet. It is well worth looking after them.


+runlab is the part of Run4It’s shoe fitting service where you can drop in for a free running analysis. Everybody runs differently. So they record you on the treadmill using their video analysis software, watch you back in slow-mo and talk you through the ins and outs of your personal running style (or running gait). Prepare to be enlightened! Then you get recommended various shoes that will help you run easier, happier, and with less risk of injury based on your movements.



17015761_10211183928526606_4984271445601104501_o (1)
Catching a few Z’s after a fun run up Ben Lomond


I know, easier said than done. If you’re like me and have a hectic working schedule and home life, fitting in your training can often cause you to sacrifice a bit of your sleep time. Sleep is the most important aspect of recovery and lack of it can lead to injuries. When you sleep your body goes into “repair” mode and uses this time to mend your muscles to keep you strong. I just gave you an excuse to nap… take it!!


From one of our beginners’ hill groups! check out the Facebook page for more upcoming events!


These are only a few ways to help reduce your injury risk and get you running stronger and longer. If you would like to learn more or for me to cover another topic please comment below with your questions and I will do my best to help you out.  I am always happy to hear your suggestions!

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Love – Live – Run and get out and hit the trails!

Thank you for reading!

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