Lululemon – Functional and Fashionable!

Getting Kitted out!


I popped in to town on my day off to have a look around the  Lululemon shop in Glasgow after hearing about its great visual merchandising. When I got chatting to the lovely ladies in the store I was offered a spot to attend one of their social events and the girls “fit me” for some kit to put to the test for them. For those unfamiliar with the brand, Lululemon Athletica is a Vancouver-based company making technical athletic apparel for yoga, running, training and most other sweaty pursuits since 1998, Just check out their manifesto in the photo below to see what Lululemon is all about.



Lululemon is well known for their yoga apparel and expertise but it’s not all downward dogs and warriors. Lululemon has great expertise in creating breathable and high sweat-wicking materials—all of which they create themselves. Feedback from a wide range of athletes testing their products allows them to keep perfecting their materials and expanding on their range.

So true!

Wait.. they have men’s stuff?

YES! Most guys (myself included) think they only do ladies clothing. This is far from true and, while the brand does have an impressive array for the ladies, they have some truly great and practical lines for the running gentleman as well.


The Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve;

Other than looking great the top is made from super light weight material with incredible sweat-wicking power! The top is mesh constructed to great breathability and has SILVERESCENT® TECHNOLOGY that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Yeah, it’s got silver in it! fancy!

I have worn the top on many runs now and I am impressed with the anti odor and with just how well it wicks sweat from the body. A perfect top for a hard session!


The Pace Breaker Shorts (twin inner);

SO MANY POCKETS… I don’t even use them all but it’s great to have them! The pockets come in very handy for carrying nutrition, keys, phone, kitchen sink. Coming in hand on the long runs. The Pace Breaker shorts, like most Lululemon product,  fits firmly into the functional athleisure profile. Great looking for casual “sporty man about town” but high performance when it counts. Having taken the shorts for LOADS of runs now, I have to say I am super impressed with the inner. None compressive loose fit boxer inner just tight enough so that I have had no chaffing issues. Even on longer 4-5 hour runs.

No..I don’t know what I am doing here! possibly mobility.. possibly a squatted high 5.


Drugstore social and Lululemon workout!


The shorts come in 9”, although you can get them hemmed (for free) in store if they’re not quite perfect.  They have super lightweight and quick-drying Swift Ultra with added Lycra for extra stretch so you can move freely with no restrictions. The stretchy gusset panel enables total freedom of movement in every direction.

The Shorts/ Tee combo;

The Kit looks great and all the Lululemon kit does compliment each other very well. The kit all looks smart enough to wear casually about town but is very high-performing when the time comes to put in some work. Comfort is what makes or breaks a run and I have only had comfortable runs in this kit. Well worth the price tag!

Super sweaty..and nobody is running away.. good job Lululemon!

Love – Live – Run and get out and hit them trails!

Thank you for reading!

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