Go Against The Grain – The Primal Pantry Nutrition Review


When it comes to nutrition, what suits me can be tricky. Over the longer distances gels just won’t cut it; I need some solid food to feel human, but it is always hard to find something that I can eat while on the move and that doesn’t sit too heavy.  Anyone who has tried to sprint after dinner and ended up leaning against a tree two miles hurling the meal back up will know exactly why this is important…


I was approached by The Primal Pantry to try out there bars and see what I thought. Having a vegan diet this style of bar is normally ruled out due to milk proteins etc., but the Primal Pantry bars are fully plant-based and are suitable for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, paleo and most other diets under the sun.


The folks at Primal Panrty kindly dropped off two styles of bar: the Paleo Protein Bar in four different flavours and the RAW Paleo Bar.


The Protein Bars

Protien… protien…protien… Yeah, it’s a bit of a buzzword these days. Higher protein content generally mean a few undesirable ingredients. However, the Primal Pantry create their bars from all natural ingredients, with the protein coming from hemp and pea proteins. Anyone who has ever had a protein bar will know they don’t often taste great.. or they leave a nasty aftertaste from the whey. I have got to say I was impressed with the Primal Pantry bars. They taste fantastic, leave no undesirable taste and have a great consistency that is easy to eat and digest.


In amongst the recovery bars, there seemed to be a sample of a not yet released bar “Espresso”—the single best tasting bar of chocolaty coffee goodness I have ever had. Seriously.  I could live off this thing!


The RAW Bars

Like the Protein Bars, the RAW Bars don’t contain grains, refined sugar, or vegetable oils. Handmade in a British kitchen, this snack is ideal for fuelling your run. The taste is non-offensive and the bars are easy to chew and swallow while I am on the move.

I tested these out in the middle of long run on Saturday. They went down a treat, tasted great and, had no iffy side effects.


Final Thoughts

The RAW Bars provided great on-the-move nutrition and the Protein Bars especially were great for tiding me over post-run before dinner. I had no iffy stomach while picking up the pace or pushing up over the mountains. The bars might be exactly what I need to get my nutrition right in my races and I look forward to experimenting further.

The Primal Pantry gets a gold star from me and I look forward to trying them out more often and getting my colleagues input from their own running experience. I heard an audible blissful grown coming from Steven when he eats the “Cocoa Brownie” flavour. So I guess that’s a good sign!

Love – Live – Run and get out and hit them trails!

Thank you for reading!

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