Rouvas Forest Trail – Running in Greece

Race Breakdown

Distance- 22km

Total Elevation Gain-4,570ft

Time – 03:25:20

Position – 13th

Terrain – 70% Trail, 20%path and 10% road

Aid Stations –  4 checkpoints roughly 5km  apart

Race organisation – Well-organised logistics, only a few wrong turns when I wasn’t paying attention.

Atmosphere – Roasting hot! Amazing people with some incredibly supportive volunteers. There was water, bananas and high-5 at every stop as well as a full meal at the end. A fantastic sense of community.

Beautiful Start Line 🙂

Why the Rouvas Trail?

My girlfriend Hayley is currently studying at the Univerity Of Heraklion and I managed to get some cheap flights to pop out and distract her for a few days! Hayley had the fantastic Idea of signing herself, her friend Nico and I up for a fun mountain run!

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 23.05.02
How did my run go?


Bright eyed and bushy tailed;

It was an early rise on yet another beautiful and warm Greek morning. Heading to the city centre we sleepily got on our bus. The bus wound its way through panoramic mountain scenery, highlighted by the beautiful Greek sunrise. Of course, we saw NONE of this as we all fell asleep and didn’t stir until we reached the trail!


What am I saying? 


The start of the race was located next to a beautiful mountain lake. There was a nice buzz in the air and everyone was ready to tackle the path!

The race started fashionably late (the usual Greek Time!) and we took off over the first and only short road section of the race! A steep descent to the start of a beautiful gorge.

Taking off I started in the top 6 position as we hit the gorge which was a very technical route over the river bed. The terrain was varied from loose paths, wooden walkways and giant boulders.

Tipity top!

Not taken by me! from the Rouvas forest website.


Emerging from the Rouvas Gorge we entered the sunshine and ridiculous heat! The path became very runnable and we quickly started picking up the pace. I’m not used to running in such heat so I ended up dropped a few places.

The trail was absolutely beautiful. Panoramic views above the mist/ clouds and perfect wee trails. I so so wish I had remembered my camera!

Now it was time for the fun bit! The downhill was amazing and I flew down regaining a few places. A fantastic section and one of the best parts of the course!

The finishers! 😀

Finishing the race was great, they had loud music, a decent crowd and a warm welcome! Me, Nico and Hayley then got to enjoy the Greek hospitality of a free meal and wine with all the other runners.  Here is to more running and mountain fun!

Love – Live – Run and get out and hit them trails!

Thank you for reading!

Follow my progress on Instagram – @jordan_love_live_run

Twitter – @J_YoungPhotos


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