Inov-8 Retail Retreat


Working for Run4It has some pretty good perks.. but these trips are what really make it something special. A fantastic couple of days spent in the lake district with Inov-8 trail running. Awesome kit, Great people and some Amazing running!


Firing down from Glasgow and navigating some precariously narrow roads in the van (I Mean NARROW) we found ourselves in sunny Stavely. An area that seemed to be the heart of the UK outdoors scene with North Face, Montane and Merrell also being here alongside other outdoor pursuit shops/ offices.


After Luke had an extra strong coffee to fend off his sleep deprivation (4:30 am start?!) we made our way into the world of Inov-8 and it quickly became apparent that, despite now being a worldwide brand, the team was very small and focused.


Sitting us in there show room we were each met with a pile of kit with our name on it. Including two pairs of shoes and full running kit/ waterproofs. A pretty great start! We were met by the awesome Inov-8 team as well as Up and Running, Runners Need, Pete Bland sports and Sprocket the dog.



Down to the good stuff. We got a full introduction to the Brand, the range, what’s changed and what’s to come. This was a fantastic insight into the company direction and a brilliant opportunity to ask questions.


After a discussion about the product and what they could have done better and what they nailed. It was time to stretch the legs and put the gear to the test. X-Talon 212 run with some stylish apparel. Don’t think I enjoy the 3/4 tights. Just doesn’t feel right for me, but boy don’t we all look good. Please keep an eye out for my X-Talon 212 review coming soon.





After the run, we drove further into the hills through even dodgier tight roads before getting to the bunk house. we were met by dinner, a few “light refreshments” and an incredibly interesting and inspirational talk from Nicky Spinks.


For those of you who don’t know Nicky Spikes is an Inov-8sponsored athlete who has run the “Bob Graham Round”  decided it wasn’t hard enough and ran a double…. Setting new records! The 49-year-old cancer survivor marked 10 years post-diagnosis by running the 132-mile Lake District route, which included around 54,000ft of ascent, in a time of 45 hours and 30 minutes. She took over an hour off the previous record set in 1979 by Roger Baumeister, who was there in person to support Nicky during her attempt.  I think you will agree….wow! You can find the documentary/ movie of her run HERE


Rudely awoken by a 6 am alarm.. it was time for our morning trail run before breakfast! Today’s run was to test the new Roclite 295. I was super impressed with the shoe. It’s very different to the old Roclites which I was never set on and feels like a completely different shoe. It’s so much better and I may have fallen in love with it!  Since this weekend I have run multiple longs runs and I am pretty sure this will be my choice of shoe for THE NORTH FACE® LAVAREDO ULTRA TRAIL 120KM.



To end our second day we got a sneak peak at some new product (no photos allowed) that was introduced by both the clothing designer (Helen) and a member of the shoe design team. This was a great opportunity for the stores to critique the new design, ask questions and point out less obvious flaws/ major problems with the current styles. They genuinely took all points on board. Inov-8 have expanded their range massively with the growing cross-fit/ training culture. This was an interesting insight into the southern and overseas stores. Great things to come in AW18 from Inov-8 and I am excited!

Love – Live – Run and get out and hit them trails!

Thank you for reading!

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