The Mountains Are Calling… Part 2-Running The Ridge

The Route
Run Steep. Get High!

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Dawn breaks on what must be the clearest day in Skye’s history. There is not a cloud in the sky and the sun is just beginning to rise from behind the mountains. The mountaineers have already taken off to tackle today’s goals and I am one of only a few left in the hut. I sip my coffee, stuff some food down my gub,then grab my bag and take off up the small path that leads to the base of the climb.

Looking Back To Our Wee Hut!

As sunlight started to creep around the hill I was met by some happy dear. I love how the wildlife here doesn’t seem to take any notice of me running through them.

Sunlight Creeping Around The Hill!
Even The Deer Is Enjoying The View


The first climb was tough but very rewarding. Getting to the first summit (in the second fastest Strava time!) was well worth the effort. The sunlight was setting the scenery ablaze with its golden light and, no matter what direction you looked, you were met by the most spectacular views. Peter and Olly left earlier than I and were already on top of the Inaccessible Pinnacle.

Peter And Olly On The summit!

The summit was bathed in sunlight and I quickly found myself removing layers. Unheard off for Skye in summer never mind November!

Well Earned Food Stop

The ridge was well worth the effort! A stunning run over knife edge drops, fancy footwork and a brilliant hour-long sustained Grade III scrambling.


Looking Back Over The Route!

It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you are gliding along the top of a mountain. You are feeling so light, nimble and with such great focus on the present that nothing else enters your mind. It is very euphoric.

A Bit Of A Drop!

I passed over An Dorus and made my way towards the distant scree slope that would be my decent.


Look At That Scree! Time To Go Play!

Hammering down the scree slope is always good fun! Bonus.. I never fell!


A short run over the marsh and I was back on the main road leading me to the hut. The road felt horrible on my legs but I was still on runners high and breezed back to base camp with a huge grin and a longing for more daylight so I could go again. I was joined shortly after by the rest of the STAUMC. Good result…all groups made it back safely and well before Mountain rescue times.

Everyone Back Safe And Sound!

It was our last night of the trip and with so many Americans it seemed only right to have a tasty Thanksgiving meal. This bunch were a lot of fun and I definitely will be meeting up with them again in the new year for more mountain adventures!

Last Photo Taken off My Car!

Waving goodbye to Skye is always hard and it was made all the more difficult by yet another beautiful day. I will be seeing your snowy topped mountains again very soon!

A Friendly Goodbye!

Love – Live – Run and get out and hit them trails!

Thank you for reading!

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