5,000 Mile Man – Meet Wayne Russel


From September 2015, Wayne Russell will be running, unsupported, around the British mainland coast. Starting from London, the run will take him clockwise around Britain for over 5000 miles, I had the pleasure of meeting him in his Dundee/St Andrews section of the adventure.

From The Man Himself

Wayne runs Britain

“The aim of the run is to raise money for my chosen charity; The Superhero Foundation, but also inspire others, in the same way others have inspired me to do this in the first place. It all comes down to three things:

  • My Sister
  • Charity
  • And as cheesy as it sounds, to just do something with my life.

“My Sister, Carmel Webb, died suddenly on New Year’s Eve 2013, after battling primary pulmonary hypertension, a rare heart and lung condition. Despite being terminally ill, Carmel was chairman of the Podsmead Community Association as well as working for the grants scheme. She also ran a luncheon club for more than 100 senior citizens, launched Freedom Kids – a youth group for more than 60 children and was also the brains behind a mobility repair service and worked to promote the British Heart Foundation’s efforts with Gloucester City Council.

All money raised will go to the Superhero Foundation, a charity co-founded by Kev Brady and Jamie McDonald. The charity assists families in need to access otherwise inaccessible treatments for mental or physical illness. Unfortunately, it’s too late to help my Sister. However, I’ll be trying my best to help others live a better life!”

The Previous Day


I met Wayne on the Monday when he appeared into the shop having just arrived in Dundee on his way to Tayport.

Ian (the director of Run4It) had given me a call to say a fellow might be popping in to collect some free shoes for a great cause, though I had not quite expected Wayne to rock up having just run 4,500+ miles.

So taking the excited Wayne through our different shoes and technologies as well as through our gait analysis process we decided on a super cushioned shoe that could last him his remaining miles. The Brooks Glycerin 13s Which Wayne loved!

Being off the next day I decided to join him on this small part of his adventure.

“I felt like I was gliding along over the bridge to Tayport”

Tayport to St Andrews – 13 Miles

I met Wayne in the morning at the Tayport fire station. During his progress through Scotland Wayne has had a great opportunity and been allowed to stay at all the fire stations on route. running each day between them which, as you can imagine, could be a pretty long run!



Met shortly after by Bruce (fellow road runner), Dan, and Steve we set off along the short section of road before heading into the forest and winding our way through the amazing trees and paths. image





Wayne is an incredibly positive guy, full of stories and bursting with enthusiasm.

Leaving the Tentsmuir forest we arrived in Leuchers. Here we bid farewell to Bruce and Dan who had other engagements!

Pressing on we ran past the airfield and made our way into Guard Bridge, were we where in for a treat!image

Edin Mill is a small brewery/ distillery in Guard Bridge specialising in fine gin, craft beer and whisky. Steve had called the previous day to alert them of Wayne’s adventure, Only felt fair to give the poor lad a pint!

We enjoyed a great little taster board of ales before having a brief look at the brewery. 



 Stumbling…I mean running… on through Guard Bridge,  the final four mile stretch follows the cycle path to St Andrews.image




Arriving at St Andrews we popped in to Steve’s (professor of history)  office to change and were presented with a very special whiskey to toast the adventure. It was then out for a bite to eat and a chat about the adventures still to come.image



Proffessor Murdoch told us about his whiskey;
“In 2010 Alexia (Grosjean) and myself started to write a book about a Scottish Field Marshal in Swedish service called Alexander Leslie. Leslie served the Swedes for 30 years before coming back to Scotland in 1638 to build the Army of the Covenant which sought to reassert the rights of the Scottish Kirk and Parliament against pereived Anglicisation under Charles I. In this he was successful in Scotland (1639-1641) and England (1644-1647). Given his service we thought we’d lay down a wee 30 litre jkeg of whisky in Sweden (Makmyra). The keg was recycled Burbon with Fresh Swedish oak top and bottom. We published the book in 2014 and had the keg bottled. The rsult a stunning 58.2 proof one-off expression. Copies of the book and bottle together go for over 400 quid. Of the original 50 there are only 15 unopened with us and a further 5 with collectors. The rest are all known as wounded or fallen soldiers depending if they are part finished or empty.”

A fantastic run, with amazing company and an incredibly inspirational man. You are a true “Superhero” and  I wish you all the best for your final 800 miles Wayne. Your on the home stretch!

Want to know more about Wayne? or see what you can do to help?

Website: https://waynerussell.org

Track him:  https://waynerussell.org/trackme/

Donate: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/charity-web/charity/displayCharityCampaignPage.action?charityCampaignUrl=waynerussell

Superhero Foundation: http://superherofoundation.org/

Love – Live – Run and get out and hit them trails!

Thank you for reading!

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