D33- Ultramarathon

Race Breakdown

  • Distance- 33 Miles…DUH
  • Total Elevation Gain- 912ft (fek all)
  • Time – 4:43
  • Position – 93
  • Terrain-Hard packed path and road (knee killer!)
  • Aid Stations – plenty, I didn’t carry water.
  • Race organisation- Fantastic! Everybody was super friendly and marshals lined the course to offer help!
  • Atmosphere- Friendly and motivational! Think I had served half of them in the shop!


The ultra!

This race was perfectly placed as a milestone for this years bigger challenges. The race was a 33 mile slog. 16.5 miles out, then all the way back to the start. The race itself was very well organised with great marshals and a very supportive and familiar crowd!  The terrain was mostly road, with short sections of hard packed path. The route was also very level and had very little undulation.  Two Dundee road runners entered the race! myself and Steve Peters, needless to say he was off-skies and we only met in passing.

photo by Chen Chee Kong! 🙂

Having now been chatting to a lot of the running community, both through work and through my own running adventures, I knew a lot of the competitors and so was not short of conversation on the run! Unfortunately I forgot my camera in my bag and so photos are limited to the snaps of fellow runners and supporters! 🙂 despite how I look in this photo, I was pretty happy to finish! 😛

official race photo 🙂 Don’t think I have ever looked so pissed off in a photo… she must have been trying to steal my beer!

At the end of the race the organisers had a fantastic array of food and drink, we got presented with a super cool medal and an amazing custom beer! All the organisers and volunteers (along with the spectators) where fantastic the whole day, spurring you on with shouts and screams and being bright and helpful at the end!

Right…. Off to Portugal I go! lets run and surf!

Love – Live – Run and get out and hit them trails!

Thank you for reading!

Follow my progress on Instagram – @jordan_love_live_run

Twitter – @J_YoungPhotos


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