FAR OVER THE MISTY SIDLAWS COLD – Craigowl and Auchterhouse with Rosie

The mist has descended, the weather looks awful, better grab our running gear and head to the hills! 

The Route:

Our Route
Our Route

The Elevation:

A Few Decent Climbs!
A Few Decent Climbs!

A fun run with Rosie up over the sidlaws

Starting from Balkello community car park we went left winding up the path to Auchterhouse hill.

NEW SHOES!! Peregrines!
NEW SHOES! Peregrines!
Rosie Flying up the hills!
Rosie flying up Auchterhouse Hill!


Misty Trees!
Misty trees from the summit of Auchterhouse

From the summit of Auchterhouse we set off towards Balluderon Hill.

11418215_10206273504849083_1257026169_n 11692699_10206272362060514_4259095079832879195_n 11012781_10206272362500525_3254834056337505556_n

Auchterhouse Summit
Balluderon hill Summit
Rosie on Auchterhouse
Rosie on Balluderon hill
Me at the Top!
Me at the top!

Climbing through the paths we made it to Craigowl.

11666183_10206272364260569_2576239301436668480_n 10422508_10206272364980587_3170288356625413064_n 11667889_10206273505569101_732899265_n

Lonely Tree On The Ascent
Lonely tree on the ascent
At the summit!


Running into the Mist!
Running into the Mist!

We got slightly lost in the mist but after a fun descent (and getting chased by cows) we found the main road and so made our way back to our car!

Thank you for reading!

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2 thoughts on “FAR OVER THE MISTY SIDLAWS COLD – Craigowl and Auchterhouse with Rosie

    1. Thanks a lot for nominating me Jacquie! I like your blog! Me and Rosie have just switched over to vegan and have been trying to do loads more yoga! You would be proud! Haha.


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