Working Hard and Working Harder – Balancing work and training

Balancing working life with training can be hard, especially if (like me) you do shift work, including nights. Here are some handy tips to help incorporate running into your working days and to help improve your productivity at work.

Waking up with a run

Photo courtesy of Airlie
Photo courtesy of Airlie

It may be a horrible thought, leaving the warmth and the cozy comforts of your bed, but I have found that running early in the day is a good way to wake up. I feel full of energy and ready to tackle the day ahead if I’ve done a morning run.

Reasons why you should get your lazy ass up and run;

-When you arrive at work in the morning, You will already be wide awake. Giving you better focus to increase your productivity.

– Makes you less stressed when you go to work (Boosts your feel good endorphin, serotonin)

-Jumpstart your metabolism – You burn more calories throughout the day If you do a morning workout!

-Feel happy – Them endorphins will have you grinning all day.



-Leave yourself plenty time before work, You don’t want to end up running into work with muddy trainers on and your hair all over the place again!

-Lay out all your clothes the night before. Both running and work. So then all you have to do is get up and fire them on, run, shower, eat breakfast (naked obviously), and fire on the work stuff and go.

The Night Shift

Staying seen with my reflective clothing!
Staying seen with my reflective clothing!

Horrible, and what I have been enduring for the last month solid. It messes with your sleeping pattern, your days off are wasted and you hardly get to see your other half. Here is something I have found useful.

Run after work -Take your running gear to work, I leave mine in the car, and after a couple of shifts to get you into the sleeping pattern start heading for a run as soon as you finish. By the time I have finished work, run, eaten and finally gotten to bed, I sleep like a log.

View from a monument above perth. Running from work!

My shift ends at 7am and over the winter months I tend to get half way through my trail just as the sun rises, making for spectacular views that you just wouldn’t get at any other time. Worth it. Some of my favourite runs have been the morning after a nightshift!

1am...time for a run on my break!
1am…time for a run on my break!

20 Minites is better than nothing! – Fit in a few 20 min runs on my breaks (10 min quick shower and munch). It may not be much but a 20 min run is better than no run!

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