Let’s get things Started! Who, Why and What

Welcome everyone to my first blog post! 

I am Jordan Young, a passionate Scottish runner. Not a particularly fast Scottish runner, but definitely a passionate one.

Me (holding camera) and friends, end of the Vienna Marathon.
Me (holding camera) and friends at the end of the Vienna Marathon, happy!

Last year I started running. I trained and then completed my first ever race, The Vienna city Marathon, in April; finishing with the time 4:11:22. From then on running has become one of my biggest devotions. I have run in numerous events since that first marathon and I am now in training for the “Kintyre Way UltraMarathon” in May 2015.

The Summit of Auchnafree Hill
The Summit of Auchnafree Hill

So, Why an Ultra? 

I have never been a very competitive person and I don’t have much interest in running to win or beat somebody. So, I started to go off road, go further and go higher to challenge myself and my abilities. I love trail running. Be it out looking out over stunning views from the hills or tearing through the woods. It is a kind of freedom I have yet to experience with any other sport. I decided to set myself a goal to run a new personal record for early 2015, to run further than marathon distance. That’s when I was pointed towards the Kintyre Way by other members of my running club (Dundee Road Runners).

Running along the West Highland Way
Running along the West Highland Way

What are you going to post?

This is going to be a blog about my adventures as I train. The high points and the low. Tips, tricks and balancing working life with training.

I will give my opinion on new gear, routes and races.

I always have some form of camera in my pocket, so prepare yourself for endless running selfies and beautiful Scottish vistas!

Instagram – instagram.com/jordan_runs


7 thoughts on “Let’s get things Started! Who, Why and What

      1. Yes, last year. I really wanted to do it again this year but have had to defer as I’ve got a wedding to go to (most inconvenient). There’s a race report on my blog if you’re interested but it’s very much a back of the pack view, you’ll be much faster. Hope you get good weather – the views are awesome!


      2. Haha, they are alwaya at inconvenient times! Il go back and have a look! I wont be very fast i just do it for fun! Haha;)


      3. Im running the furst section to carradale tomorrow would you say its much the same for the other too sections? Or are they harder/easier sections 🙂


      4. That section is very similar to the last section of Ifferdale to Campbeltown – a lot of forestry tracks, lots of undulation and a fair bit of tarmac. The bit that differs is the section between Carrdale and Ifferdale which has the beach section with the really technical rocky bit and the potential to have to wade if the tide is right in, a big hill climb and quirky turn off the main track into some woods that would be easy to miss and it’s a very tough descent down to Ifferdale – steep, muddy, technical and quad trashing. Hope that helps!


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